Emerging ideas need a specific environment to be able to grow and blossom. Think of yourself as the gardener who creates the perfect environment for creativity and innovation: a space where ideas are seeded, nurtured, raised, shaped, and improved. Until, finally, they blossom and shine.

The work environment has an impact on creativity.

I believe that the space that surrounds us can have a significant impact on our creativity. The work environment can inspire us, it lets us express ourselves or a corporate culture, it facilitates communication and knowledge exchange, and it provides us with the required infrastructure to collaborate or to build ideas.

On this website I collect insights, examples, tips, ideas, and scientific evidence for designing innovation spaces. I will show you how to optimize your office or your home to maximize inspiration and creativity.

The ultimate guide for designing creative spaces


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What to expect…

I am posting on an irregular basis, approximately twice per month. You can expect examples, insights, my personal experiences, and scientific evidences about Creative Workspaces. I am also working on several tools, for example, a Card Set of 49 design principles, spatial design Canvases, and an eBook full of collected insights. Future projects include a Video Masterclass on how to improve your own workspace for maximum creativity, a creative space Self-Assessment Test, and Interviews with other creative space experts. Please sign up for my Newsletter to never miss an update.