Hey, I’m Katja, an Expert in Interior and Workspace Design with more than 20 years of professional Experience. I’d like to help you re-organize your workspace for maximum creativity.

My Mission

…is to help you create a work environment that boosts your creativity — both, at your home and at your company’s office. For that purpose, I want to provide you with insights, scientific evidence, ideas, and tools for creativity-inspiring workspace designs.

My Passion

…is design in all of its facets: I love beautiful objects, usefulness, sustainability, clean stuff, Scandinavian and Japanese interior styles, and simplicity. At the same time, I’m not afraid of colors, and I also have a liking for sketches, quirky illustrations and graphics. My quest is to find inspiration, originality, scientific evidence, and mindfulness. I believe in life-long learning and I love to share my knowledge, which is why I primarily work in education, and this is also the reason why I started this Blog.

My Expertise

…is rooted in 20+ years of professional experience in the design and innovation business. Since 2009 I am a full Professor for Integrated Design at Anhalt University in Dessau, Germany (a city you might know from the historic Bauhaus movement). I hold a PhD in Design Research on the topic of creative workspaces, awarded from Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands. So, I do know what I’m talking about.

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