Avolt Sockets for the Creative Desk

Normally, the cables on my desk are a nightmare. But with these cool sockets the creative chaos is actually looking quite good.


What is it?


Avolt is a Swedish Design form that develops and markets beautiful accessories for the technical workspace. These sockets add a bit of style to the everyday chaos of every workspace.


© Avolt (www.avolt.com)

The sockets are simple, yet stylish and of a very high quality. Each one has three normal sockets and two USB slots. The quality is sturdy and solid so they are sitting firmly on the desk. But they also come with an optional magnet plate to be mountd on the wall, or underneath the table top.



They come in several colors, ranging from pale ocean blue to oak green to rusty red. There is also a brass and an aluminum version.


Avolt Blue
Avolt Green
Avolt Dusty Red

© Avolt (www.avolt.com)

Why do I like it?


I really like the simplicity of the product. The quality is good, the product just works, and the muted colors are great. I think everyone needs one or two of these in their home office.

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The Avolt sockets bring some order and style into the creative chaos on your home office desk. How do you organize your desk? Leave a comment below.