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Muuto’s Folded Shelves

These smart wall shelves by Danish manufacturer Muuto are called “Folded” because they are made from a single sheet of metal that is folded in a clever way. The resulting surfaces and layered compartments allow to display posters, books, and…

Smart Side Table by IKEA

BJÖRKÅSEN is a new metal side table from IKEA that is perfect for working with your laptop at home on your sofa.   What is it?   It is a height-adjustable laptop table that fits perfectly to your comfy sofa…

Garage-Style Furniture “Hack”

Vitra’s “Hack” Furniture series is designed by Konstantin Grcic. It resembles a “garage-style” in the sense that the used material is mainly the rather cheap OSB board. OSB stands for Oriented Strand Board, which means that wooden strands (like flakes)…

Collectibles Board Uten.Silo

Vitra’s “Uten.Silo” is a true classic: designed by German designer Dorothee Becker in 1969.   What is it? The wall-mounted collectibles board holds all the small items that the creative person needs near the desk. It has several containers of…