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The Secrets of Building a Creative Space to WORK FROM HOME


What You Will Learn

  • Understand why working from home (WFH) can be problematic.
  • Identify different WFH personalities.
  • Identify the creative activities you need to perform at home.
  • Understand your available space and your specific requirements.
  • Learn how other creative people deal with the situation and how they successfully designed their home.
  • Learn how you can improve your WFH situation significantly, by following a few simple steps.

Chapter Overview

Become a Contributer

If you would like to become a contributor to REMOTIVITY – The Book, please send me an Email to

WFH@betterinnovationspace.com and answer three short questions:
  1. What was your best experience during your WFH phase?
  2. What were you struggling with?
  3. How did you design your workspace? (send 3-5 high-quality photos)

If your material is interesting and original, I am happy to include it in Chapter 4.As a Contributor, you will receive a free copy of the final eBook (worth 50,- Euros). And you will be listed as a contributor in the preface of the book.

Download Free Sample Chapter


“Meet the REMOTICONS” is the second chapter of the book. You can download it here, for free.


It introduces you to eight very cute “Work from Home”
Personalities that each struggle in their own way with the WFH situation.


Meet Mobile Molly, who freelances from Bali, Basement Ben, who has not seen much sunlight during the lockdown, and Pyjama Pam, who barely gets out of bed all day. As well as Charly, Jill, Lars, Chris, and Zach. Want to find out which type you are?