Muuto’s Folded Shelves

These smart wall shelves by Danish manufacturer Muuto are called “Folded” because they are made from a single sheet of metal that is folded in a clever way. The resulting surfaces and layered compartments allow to display posters, books, and small objects in a very decorative way.


What is it?


The boards come in four different shapes and several colors. Each type has also slightly different dimensions in terms of depth, so they can accommodate different sizes of materials. Two hooks can be used to hang some additional objects.


© Muuto (www.muuto.com)


The shelves can be used to place work materials, books and posters in a layered way, which creates a very inspiring “ordered mess”.


© Muuto (www.muuto.com)


But as a creative person, you might also want to display other types of materials here: little gadgets, tools, small pieces of artwork, photographs and notes, for example from your latest research, and material swatches. The boards becomes a swap gallery. Change it’s content to be surprised by your own workspace every day anew.


© Muuto (www.muuto.com)

Why do I like it?


I simply love these boards. They allow me to redecorate my workspace with inspiring materials. Because of the clever layering of compartments in the board, even a loose batch of papers will look great and ordered.


I have installed two of these boards on the wall behind my desk. So whenever I have a video meeting, I place some books or posters related to the topic of the meeting there, so that the people on the other end of the video get some inspiration as well. The boards start at approximately 100 Euros for the smallest version.

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The Folded Shelves by Muuto provide a great addition to the creative home office because they allow you to create your own personal swap gallery that you can fill with inspiring posters, objects, and books, every day anew. It will never get boring at your desk and you have the stimulating materials right were you need it.


How do you make your workspace an inspiring one? Please, leave a comment below.