Smart Side Table by IKEA

BJÖRKÅSEN is a new metal side table from IKEA that is perfect for working with your laptop at home on your sofa.


What is it?


It is a height-adjustable laptop table that fits perfectly to your comfy sofa to work from home. The tabletop can be tilted which allows for various work postures. The entire table is foldable, so you can stow it away easily. And finally, it features a cup holder for your morning coffee.


Why do I like it?


The adjustable and tiltable surface allows for different types of
creative work – not only working with your computer but also sketching or playing a musical instrument. The cup holder can not only hold your morning coffee, but also a set of pencils, brushes, or whatever tool you need for your creative task.


Therefore, this small and sturdy side table is the perfect companion for the creative home office.


© Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2021



© Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2021

Where to get it?


BJÖRKÅSEN sells at 29,95 Euros, which is a pretty good price for a sturdy laptop table of this quality. You can get it at your local IKEA store.


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BJÖRKÅSEN is the perfect companion for the creative home office at a very affordable price. I think I will get myself one or two of them.

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