SAP AppHaus Berlin

SAP AppHaus is a network of creative offices run by SAP and partners. Their goal is to “humanize” software to make it more people-centered. Currently there are five locations worldwide: New York, Palo Alto, Korea, Heidelberg, and Berlin, as well as several partner locations. I visited their Berlin space and found some inspiring details.


What is it?

The Berlin space is located right in the city center, in close proximity to the famous TV tower at Alexanderplatz. They occupy approximately 160 square meters under the rooftop of a traditional Berlin building.


Why do I like it?

The space is used for design thinking and co-creation workshops and therefore provides the typical design thinking interior with whiteboards on wheels and standing tables. However,  the architectural structure of the old building gives it a unique atmosphere. There are visible brick walls and roof beams that create a special charm. 


Moreover, there are several smaller meeting and reading rooms that are designed with a very personal touch. The furniture is colorful thrown together, resembling more of a living room than an office.


Posters and decorative objects are representing a local flavor: Graphics from the Berlin Zoo, and the city’s flag with the Berlin Bear mascot can be found here. 



What I find very inspiring in this space is the creative use of posters, graphics, and personal notes. A post-it note on the glass door of a meeting room presents a funny joke that might remind everyone that their perception of what the purpose of a  “meeting room” actually is, might not be accurate.


Posters in the hallway display the mission statement of the team: “We humanize [process, business, software, culture, rooms] through design”. These kinds of visual cues can actually help to prime people into the desired mindset and, hence, support the organizational culture of the company.


Overall, a very inspiring workspace that goes beyond the usual.


The office space can express personality and a creative organizational culture. I am collecting examples of such creatively designed workspaces.


Do you have a cool, creative office space and want to be featured in my next post?


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