Studio Hanne Willmann

Hanne Willmann is one of the shooting stars of German product and furniture design, and also a very good friend of mine. I asked Hanne  to send me a few pictures of her new studio space, which can be found in a beautiful backyard in Berlin Weißensee. Let’s find out where she develops the ideas for her amazing products.


© Studio Hanne Willmann, www.hannewillmann.com


Where is it?

Weißensee is a Berlin neighborhood that is close to the hip and trendy Prenzlauer Berg, but not as gentrified, yet. Here you can still find some rare real estate gems. The studio is located on the ground floor of an old Berlin building from around 1900.

When approaching the Studio, you pass through a backyard garden with beautiful plants, which represents a clear transition from the busy outside world. You are instantly primed into a very calm and creative mood. The backyard garden it is also frequently used to take a break and get some fresh air.

The studio itself welcomes you with a very light and airy atmosphere. White is the dominant color, which is only interrupted by subtle light blue tones in the stairs and light gray in the concrete floor. Besides that, natural tones can be found in furniture and products.


© Studio Hanne Willmann, www.hannewillmann.com


Why do I like it?

Hanne’s studio space is surprisingly calm and restrained. The decent colors and lots of white space allow your mind to wander into creative realms. There is nothing to distract you. Inspiration stems from the surrounding products that are mainly designed by herself, from color and material swatches, fresh flowers, and from little details that provide surprising views, such as the graphic lines of the black pendant lights. What a relief for the busy mind.


The fact that the space is not overly filled with “stuff” helps to prevent fixation effects (which refers to the inappropriate repetition of existing ideas). Instead, in this clear environment, ideas that are truly original can emerge.


Studio Hanne Willmann offers a refreshing contrast to the so-called “New Work” office spaces, which are often very colorful and playful. The calm and light workspace design does not distract the creative mind. I wish I worked there.


By the way, I am collecting examples of such creatively designed workspaces. Do you have a cool, creative office space and want to be featured in my next post?


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