Collectibles Board Uten.Silo

Vitra’s “Uten.Silo” is a true classic: designed by German designer Dorothee Becker in 1969.


What is it?

The wall-mounted collectibles board holds all the small items that the creative person needs near the desk. It has several containers of various shapes and sizes and a few metal hooks. It is made from ABS plastic and comes in two sizes and three colors (red, white, and black)


Uten.Silo, Design Dorothee Becker, Photo: Florian Böhm, ©Vitra (www.vitra.com)


Uten.Silo Vitra red

Uten.Silo, Design Dorothee Becker, ©Vitra (www.vitra.com)

Why do I like it?

It helps the creative person in three ways:

  1. Obviously, it can keep the desk in order by stowing away all those little things that typically lie around on your workplace: pushpins, pencils, paperclips. The ordering frame creates a great balance between chaos and order. The exact kind of balance that is inspiring but not messy, that keeps order but isn’t boring.
  2. It holds the tools and materials that you need for your creative work right where you use them: scissors and cutter knives; post-its; superglue; brushes and paint are ready for you to start experimenting.
  3. Finally, It displays inspirational stuff. All those little snippets, cutouts from magazines, color and material swatches, Pantone cards, and cool gadgets that just wait for you to be picked up and turned into a great creative idea.

Creative people need to collect inspirational stuff, and they need to display and show these items to be inspired. Designers would call it a moodboard. Dorothee Becker called it Uten.Silo. Anyways, it is a great piece for the creative mind… I call it a library for your inspiration.

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Uten.Silo is a great object to decorate your office or home office. It provides you with daily inspiration and brings balance between order and chaos.


How do you organize your inspirational stuff at work? What do you use to collect your design materials? Please, leave a comment below.